A Destination

Catalina Café is determined to become a daily necessity for local residents and for people passionate about coffee. We want to be the place to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends and socialize. Catalina Café will offer its customers the best prepared freshly roasted coffee in the area that will be complimented with Home-made pastries and/or quality food in an uniquely professionally designed warm environment.


Catalina Café is dedicated to creating a memorable experience through superior service, quality coffee, and sustainable business practices. It is our mission to exceed customer expectations and continue company growth by executing the above fundamentals.  Catalina Café will strive to educate team members, build our brand, and promote our products.

competes with the best

Some of the baristas at Catalina Café compete in the US Coffee Championships.  In order to be the best, we need to compete with the best from around the world!

Sources quality coffee

Catalina Café sources coffee from around the world with quality in mind.  Through the SCAA, the owners have established relationships with numerous responsible importers such as Thrive Coffee Farmers and Campesino Specialty Coffee that make sure the farmers and workers are paid what they are deserved.  

Fresh & Delicious

Catalina Café is not the typical coffee shop with boring pastries from somewhere else.  The baked goods are made in-house and sandwiches made by the order.  Freshness and deliciousness is the main priority and you will be able to taste why Catalina Café is the best!