3 Ways to Save Money and Drink Better Coffee!

                                                 3 Ways to Save Money and Drink Better Coffee!

                                                3 Ways to Save Money and Drink Better Coffee!

I think we all know, some of us must have that cup of coffee or we just don’t exist.  Almost the very first thing I do is brew myself a cup of delicious coffee, then I can communicate ethically.  Of course, not all people have the luxury of owning their own café like I do so how can an average person save money with coffee since they have to have it!  I wanted to write up a quick blog on how someone can save money with their coffee habit and actually make it taste a whole heck of a lot better.  So here are 3 things that someone can do to save money, make your significant other happy because you can afford more things for them and make them a more fresh tasting cup of coffee:


1.     BUY LOCALLY ROASTED COFFEE! – You might think you are buying the greatest thing since sliced bread when you got that K-Cup Machine, but let’s be honest….have you ever had a great cup of coffee from that machine?  And I don’t mean a cup of coffee from the machine that you drowned with sugary creamer.  Let’s do some math:

A box of K-cups (80 cups) is approx. 1.9 pounds and costs $39.98.  That’s .50 per k-cup, which ends up equaling to $20.44 per pound of coffee!!!!  At Catalina Café’, we sell our coffees between $13.99 to $18.99 a pound for freshly roasted, high quality coffees.  Who knows what kind or what quality coffee these K-cup companies are using but I know it’s not good and low quality. 


Also, keep in mind, these K-Cup cases that you are buying off the shelf, have you ever wondered how long they have been sitting on the shelf?  Coffee tends to stale after 2 weeks.  Now I know some of you coffee nerds would argue back and forth on this, but my point is, fresher is better and buying coffee from a box that was sitting in manufacturing shelves, then the grocery shelf……I’m pretty sure that coffee is stale!  So……not only would you save money by buying from a local roaster like Catalina Café’, it will also taste a hell of a lot better!!!!    BUY LOCAL!

2.     BUY A SCALE! – I always get the question, “How much coffee do I use when I brew coffee?”  And my answer is usually “You have a Scale to measure your coffee and water weight?”  You see, coffee is very subjective!  Some people like it strong, some people like it light, some people like cream, and so on.  The best cup of coffee is what you like.  So how do we get to that?  You have to find a way to track how you make your coffee and the best way is to track the weight of your coffee and water.  You can easily find a cheap scale at a store that sells kitchen products (I won’t name any, I’m sure you are smart enough to know J ).  At Catalina Café, we use a 1/17 ratio, meaning that for every 1 gram of coffee, we use 17 grams of water.  So, when I brew this coffee and I think it is too strong or too light, I can adjust my ratio!  That’s it!  This will save you the hassle of brewing another pot of coffee and make you look like a hero at your office!  If you wanted to get really detailed, you will need to look at time and temperature but that is for another blog, haha. 

3.     JOIN A COFFEE BEAN CLUB! – Remember the math we did above, a lot of local roasters and/or coffee shops will have a Coffee Bean Club.  This is where you will really find the best value for your money.  Coffee is a commodity and it varies in price every single day.  This coffee club from your local roaster will guarantee that you get an awesome price and fresh coffee every month.  At Catalina Café, we have a coffee club that is $29.99 for 2 pounds of coffee.  It is 2 different types of coffees and change every month.  So you can try different coffees, get a quality price, and have fresh coffee every single month.  Check your local roaster or coffee shop to see if they have a Coffee Bean Club! 

So there you have it!  Support local businesses, drink fresh coffee, and save money by doing so.  At Catalina Café, we are dedicated to bringing you the best quality and freshest coffee that you can possibly get. 



Maurice Moulton

Catalina Cafe' Co-Owner, Barista, Roaster