New Columbian Coffee!!


Dear fresh coffee lovers,

Above is a video from the Columbian coffee farm of El Ocaso that we have now available.  

I get people approaching me all the time and claiming they have the best coffee and they have relationships with the farmers.  I am always trying to find the freshest coffee from small farms and making sure my money goes to sustainable sources.  When this importer came to me and mentioned this was his Uncle's farm, I did some research on it and this farm has already won numerous awards like it doing well in the Coffee Cup of Excellence.  The importer told me it had these attributes:

Fragrance: buttery

Aroma: caramel, brown sugar.

Acidity: sweet citrus

Body: creamy and smooth

Residual: clean cup with strong notes of Orange and hints of Vanilla

So I had to get a sample.  When I got the sample, I immediately noticed that it was dark forest green which told me it was fresh.  I opened the bag and it straight up smelled like bananas.  If you were to close your eyes and smell these coffee beans, you would think I had a hand full of crushed ripe bananas.  This told me that this coffee was shade grown under banana trees and was extremely fresh.  I roasted the sample, cupped it and had flying music notes of pleasure!  It was stellar, fantastic, and I had to get this coffee.  So I bought this coffee directly from the farm El Ocaso!  

It is fantastic brewed as a pour-over (V60 Hario to be specific) but I have had a few customers get it brewed with the Aeropress and was impressed with the complex flavors and aromas.  

So come by and give this quality and fresh coffee a try!

Maurice Moulton

Co-Owner, Catalina Cafe'