Balance is the perfect word to describe the partnership of Maurice Moulton and Patricia Allaire, founders and owners of Catalina Café. Maurice’s borderline obsession with achieving perfection has delivered exceptional coffee to Catalina Café customers for years. A scientific approach is taken when roasting and brewing his coffees to ensure he brings out the best attributes from each individual bean, resulting in delightfully flavorful cups of coffees. 

As Maurice carefully measures his ingredients to craft delicious cups of coffees, Patricia throws a little of this and a little of that together to create baked goods and dishes that are mouthwateringly good. Every baked good, sandwich, and salad are made from quality ingredients and homemade techniques…you can literally taste the love in every bite. 

Whether you’re stopping by for lunch, or needing an event catered, we assure you there’s no better option than Catalina Café.